Study In Poland

Poland is like the quiet child in a vast European family, overshadowed by its glamorous French and German siblings, not to mention upstaged by its fierce Russian or Slavic neighbors. Never one to hog the limelight, Poland is an understated, charming balance of brains and beauty, as well as style and substance.

So why, exactly, should you study abroad in Poland? For one, it's easy on the eyes. If you define your campus not by a classroom itself but natural surroundings, Poland is a school away from school as well as a home away from home. With 23 national parks, and countless primeval forests, estuaries, chalk cliffs and limestone caves, Poland has a natural beauty that is as utilitarian as it is aesthetic. For one, in Poland you'll never worry about dehydration. With almost ten thousand closed bodies of water, Poland has one of the world's highest numbers of lakes (in Europe, it's second to Finland). To its south, the Tatra Mountains are reminiscent of the better-known Alps. Rurally, students escaping from the city can enjoy every bit of Poland's unpretentiousness charm.