Welcome to British Educare Overseas Private Limited

British Educare is widely recognized immigration and business consulting company incorporated in Phagwara (Punjab) in 2010. British Educare was founded with the vision to assist and facilitate prospective students in their preparation for studying abroad. We are a registered company with the standard of excellence and commitment for success.

We are working professionals serving as representatives for some of the top Universities and Colleges in USA, UK, Canada, Newzeland, Australia, Denmark, Finland Malaysia, Poland, Italy, Austria, Singapore and other countries. British Educare is staffed with experienced and qualified people who guide and consult each student with their unique and individualized needs. We pride ourselves in taking the time to personally chart the course for each student with their unique educational backgrounds to help them fulfil their future aim and ambition. From the beginning steps of our free educational counselling and consultation, to the last steps of visa preparation and documentation, British Educare is helpful at each step of the journey to ensure achievement.

Upon receiving the VISA and completion of studies, British Educare will continue to offer our specialized counselling and services for job placement. Our Permanent Residence Counselling and Support will ensure that educational investment of each student is maximized to the greatest potential.

Our people at British Educare Specialize in assisting nationals to immigrate. British Educare offers individualized personal service and attention to all students, immigrants, international workers, investors, entrepreneurs, and tourists. Whether the goal is to be obtain study, citizenship, long term residency, or a required work or visitor visa, British Educare can assist to ensure the highest level of success fulfilling the official requirements of that particular country.


In India, thousands of students seek university or college courses abroad every year. They need worthy counselling and guidance. British Educare intends to work as a leading educational consultancy in India to fully assist these students.


British Educare believes in progress, growth and possibilities. We are a dedicated team to help people get quality education, training and professional certification abroad and in India

  • To provide precise information about the educational institutions around the globe
  • To protect students and guardians from being misleaded
  • To aid students for Visa interview and /or Visa

    A combination of extensive experience, global presence and inside industry knowledge enables us to provide solutions that deliver results. With over a decade of experience and an established network, British Educare promises one stop solution to the people interested to study, work, immigration, invest and do business in few of the most favoured countries like Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand ,Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland , Denmark and other countries.


    British Educare is much more than Immigration Company. Our extensive professional level and experience of our staff is the guarantee of success. Diversity is our cornerstone and our employees reflect our commitment to work across cultures. British Educare has an unrivalled team of immigration experts who have the latest knowledge on immigration legislation and ready information on expected changes. This expertise in the field gives a solid edge making